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VAG sub 2.0 litre diesels are out and small petrol turbos are in!.. But why?

Well, most of us are familiar with the designation 1.4 TFSI, firstly being plastered over all advertising mediums and then, slowly but surely, your local supermarket car park was full of them. The inevitable demand for parts ensued as warranty periods lapsed and believe it or not many of these engines are now ten years old, yet still providing the three key points they were sold by; performance, emissions and economy.

Some of us have typed ‘what does TFSI mean?’ into goggle (deliberate typo), but not many have the staying power to read through the various areas of technology used to power a small army of German vehicles. So we did it for you…and it’s interesting, honestly!

The 1.4 TFSI (Turbo-Fuel-Stratified-Injection), was utilized and seemingly perfected in the mid-2000s by VW, set to power a new generation of vehicles, going in anything from a super-mini to a large, quite pricey, executive saloon. We’ll not go in to the Turbo-Fuel bit as it’s a little self-explanatory, but the clever bit of technology is the Stratified Injection. Behaving in a similar way to a diesel, it uses a high-pressure pump to inject directly in to the cylinder, atomizing the fuel for a clean, high compression burn. Although this technology is neither new or unique to VAG, somehow, they were able to produce some of the best figures surrounding fuel economy and produced substantial BHP to keep most buyers smiling. A recipe that has produced a diesel beating offering, barely changed in over a decade and placed in more vehicle variants than ever.

Early on, FAI realised that an engine used in the Audi A3, Seat Leon and Skoda Superb, to name a few, was going to require substantial coverage, especially with the power plant being used in many family focused applications, covering a higher than average annual mileage.

FAI have an extensive gasket range, covering individual repairs through to a complete engine rebuild, inlet & exhaust valves and two versions of oil pump.

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