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Engine of the month

Renault 1.5 DCi K9K

The K9K has been one of the most utilised small diesels of all time, having replaced the Renault 1.9 D in 2001. Jointly developed by Renault & Nissan, the original design has stayed much the same over the past 20 years, only tweaked to iron out some earlier gremlins and adhere to Euro standards.

We don’t have to tell you how popular these units are, fitted to multiple manufacturers, including the slightly unlikely mating with Mercedes. A figure that may surprise you in that there have been 10 million units of the K9K produced around the world and still more coming off the production line.

Undoubtedly you will have experienced high demand for replacement components, which FAI have strived to fulfil since the mid-2000s’. Part of the K9K’s success is that there hasn’t been much on offer from rival manufacturers to better it. It’s for this reason that owners have kept their frugal 1.5 DCi in whichever guise it was presented in, repairing rather than replacing.

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