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Engine of the month

Renault, Nissan, Opel, Vauxhall G9U / G9T

In 2001 the baton was passed from the G8T generation of engines to the G9T (2.2) & G9U (2.5); the latter of which was used in a couple of application from as early as 1999. This new line-up was to be in service for over a decade until the M9R succeeded them.

The big difference was in the form of the fuelling system, with a new common rail set up which boosted efficiency and power, predominantly aimed at a multi-brand selection of workhorses.

The Traffic, Primastar and Vivaro accounted for the lion-share of G9U usage, but wherever the duo of engines was utilised there was one common theme; they were worked hard! Often the vans are used in stop-start deliveries that took its toll and if painted a shade of white were usually rallied from ne destination to another.

As always with large vehicles, in whichever guise they may be modelled in to – van, minibus or camper, it almost always makes sense to repair rather than replace. FAI have a great selection of high-quality heads, gaskets and valve train products, to get that next delivery to where it’s going with a smile.

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