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Fan Belts

  1. Oil resistant square woven fabric – Reduces surface fatigue and resists cracking, oil and heat
  2. Treated polyester cord – Muscled with high strength, low stretch tension member for long flex life and greater resistance to shock loads
  3. Fibre reinforced insulation – Gives high strength in the transverse direction and high flexibility in the longitudinal direction
  4. Moulded cog construction – Deep cogs to quickly dissipate heat. The cogs are 50% of the belt thickness to eliminate angle change when flexing.

The part number is the belt size. The first two numbers indicate the belt width i.e. 13AV = 12.5mm. The last four numbers signify the overall length of the belt in millimetres. i.e. 13AV1300 has a top width on 12.5mm and an effective length of 1300mm.