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Engine of the month

BMW N47D20

Firstly, we love the N47D20! Casting your mind back to 2007 when it debuted, it was one of, if not the most impressive 2.0 litre diesel lump on the market; further widening the gap between BMW and other prestige brands such as Mercedes and Jaguar. Efficient, frugal and quick, the N47 was mated with almost all offerings from the German car giant. What could go wrong?… Ahem, anyone need a  timing chain kit?
The sales of the 2.0d in its various states of tune surpassed expectations and so, between 2007 – 2015, a million of units were distributed throughout Europe. The N47 turned vehicles like the 3 Series into the ultimate ‘have your cake and eat it’, giving Golf GTi’s a run for their money but did 60 to the gallon!
FAI has stocked a large selection of parts for this popular unit for many years with the recent introduction of LR350; the camshaft carrier that secures and helps lubricate the cams. All FAI components are produced in state-of-the-art facilities so maybe in 2020 it’s time for a change of engine parts suppliers.

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