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A Not So Mini Selection of parts!

Since the mid-2000s the Mini brand was once again well-established within the UK, albeit with a Germanic twist.
The BMW owned sub-brand soon realised that they needed to diversify their offering and as a result, the consumer was delivered a series of pumped up, stretched and coupe-styled vehicles. Most were well received while one of two fell out of the range as more practical models such as the Countryman struck a balance within the small family car segment.
All Variants seem to follow the original (BMW) MINI blueprint of a decent handling car, including all the latest technology, yet wrapped up in a neat retro package. The only issue was the lack of a small yet peppy unit to mate with the ‘Hotter’ versions in the line-up. A deal was soon struck to use the Citroen/Peugeot 1.6 turbo engine which was tweaked by MINI and dubbed the not-so-catchy N18B16A.
The mix worked well, chucking out upwards of 190HP in the ‘S’ versions, it put a smile on anyone’s face. The powerplant did, however, need some revving out to get the stated performance figures. As a result, seldom few returned the stated fuel figures – but who cares when you’re having so much fun!
To keep those country roads putting smiles on the faces of MINI owners across the land, FAI has a raft of engine components for the N18B16A, all high quality and well-priced to keep you smiling too.

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