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Engine of the month

VAG 2.0 TDi CR

The good-old VAG 2.0 TDi, what can we say about an engine that has powered literally millions of cars in various states of tune. Well, this was one of the defining engines in the battle between petrol v. diesel in showrooms across the land.

Once the CR variants were introduced throughout VW’s brands the battle was well and truly won (if not the war); with customers forgiving the quintessential ‘taxi’ sound for low running costs.

Terms like ‘mid-range punch’ and ‘torque figures’ were suddenly heard batted around the pub as bragging rights for the new car parked outside. Only to be met with the response ‘but it sounds like tractor’…but this was to be short lived as the 170 hp rep-mobiles started winning the M6 troll drag race.

VAG are terrible at creating a seemingly endless array of engine codes, leaving us wondering if they somehow related to tyre size. For this reason, we’ve not picked just one code like the CAGA which goes in cars like the Audi A3 (205 45 R17- joke!); suffice to say, the parts below are just a small selection of what we have to offer for the CAGA, CAGC, CAHA, CBAB, CBBB, CBDC, CBDB, CBEA, CEGA, CFCA, CFFB, CFFD etc, etc.

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