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Vehicle of the month

Audi A1 2010>

Big car feel, wrapped up in a small package

Is the A1 an expensive Polo or an overpriced Ibiza or even an extortionately priced Fabia?
At first glance, you’d be tempted to agree to one or all of these, especially as all four superminis share the same underpinnings but the A1 sets it’s self apart the minute step into the cabin.
This is the A1’s party-piece and buyers know it; surrounded in squidgy plastics and nicely weighted controls add to the feeling this is less of a posh version of the Polo and more of a standard Audi, just in miniature. The build quality is also reminiscent of the class above which leaves you wondering if the other manufacturers had a few screws left over once their cars were fully assembled.
As with so many cars with quality interiors, someone had to pay for the privilege and therefore a demand for quality parts is generated to help to keep that investment on the road.
Those aforementioned shared underpinnings are good for both distributor and customer; resulting in massive stockholdings here at FAI.
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