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Vehicle of the month

FIAT 500

Fiat makes some great city cars and with the 500 being the most compact, it needed an equally compact diesel unit to fit its tiny engine bay; the 1.3 D that Fiat had already developed was the obvious candidate. The first generation of MultiJet engine was produced in huge quantities, fitted in dozens of vehicles, it was a class leader, even winning the International Engine of the Year.
In 2009, Fiat Powertrain reworked the first generation with a new injection system that was capable of delivering 8 injections per combustion cycle at a pressure of 2000 bar (29000 PSI). These upgrades boosted power, made it more efficient than ever, complying with Euro V emissions standard; which resulted in a further increase in 500 sales.
The other important powerplant fitted to this ‘mini’ Fiat, is the 1.2 naturally aspirated petrol. At 69 BHP it’s not for the boy-racer in you but is perfectly adequate for what the 500 does best, town and city driving.
We love the feel of the retro 500, offering something a bit different from the mainstream. And we’re not the only ones, as sales of this much-loved supermini have soared across Europe. As a result, there has been a ‘parts bonanza’ that shows no signs of stopping. Check out some of our best sellers below.
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