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Technical Express – UK (only)

In a fast changing and increasingly complex industry, where the emphasis is on best service, fast delivery and seamless operation, why can it take up to three months or more for you to receive a technical report from a manufacturer when something goes wrong?

At FAI, we think that this is an unacceptable industry practice and is why we have designed a programme to speed up the claims handling process.

TECHNICAL EXPRESS is a quick, efficient way to return any FAI product that is subject to a warranty claim with labour, direct to our technical department.

The programme is so simple because it has been specifically introduced to make your life easier and to help maintain a good relationship with your customer. On the rare occasion where an FAI product is returned as a warranty with labour, simply phone FAI and we will look after the rest.

How does it work?

  • Accept the warranty from your customer in the usual way, gather as much data as possible, login to*
  • Complete all fields in 6 easy steps
  • The system will generate a claim reference number. You simply write this number on the address label provided. We then do everything else.
  • We arrange and pay for a courier to collect the claim. We then guarantee a technical report within 20 working days. If the part returned is found to be manufacturer faulty in any way. We pay, guaranteed.
  • Technical Express Returns are strictly for the UK only.

*Our warranty tracking system is only for use by authorized distributors and not garages or private individuals. Logins can be obtained by contacting our Communications Department on 01525 351800