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Engine of the month

BMW 2.0d N47

Launched in 2007 as the answer to all company car driver prayers, the N47 carried with it the new term of ‘Efficient Dynamics’ which translated to increased MPG and decreased CO2 emissions; both of which put it near the top for fleet managers.

With seemingly no downsides and mated to the highly popular 1, 3 & 5 series, to name a few, the N47 was produced in colossal numbers. The 3 series actually outsold the Mondeo in the UK on several occasions as the BMW badge became an increasingly common sight around town. Undoubtedly, another nail in the coffin for the Mondeo!

All was well until around 2010, when the first reports of timing chain issues made their way around the automotive grapevine. As most now know, the problem swelled, and this otherwise brilliant engine soon attracted the reputation for a common & costly repair bill.

It’s for this reason that our TCK133C has been a number one seller almost since we launched it. Sales were also helped along by people in the know carrying out preventive maintenance when the history of the car was lost, or the chain had been running for many miles. Customers were aided by the FAI kit as it includes the redesigned chain, in line with the OE efforts to correct the earlier and more problematic versions.

Due to the obvious knock-on effects of timing failure, FAI stocks a whole host of engine components, to get that BMW back on the motorway where it belongs. These include a new kit that contains all replacement timing components (TCK133C) and the camshaft carrier (LR330) that often sustains damage during a failure.

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