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Engine of the month

Ford 1.4TDCi F6JA/B/D

The F6JA was developed as a collaborative effort between Ford & PSA to be introduced as the cost saving option in the Fiesta V. A combination of the established Fiesta name along with 60+ MPG figures and the lowest tax bracket meant that the 1.4 TDCI badge was a common sight. A small diesel engine such as the 1.4 F6JA is becoming a thing of the past with the small turbo’d petrol units plugging the gap between 1.0 – 2.0 litres. Variations of the F6JA were fitted throughout Ford and Mazda for over a decade and we’ve seen no real drop in demand for replacement components. FAI stock a large selection to cover this popular unit, including Gaskets, Cam Shaft, oil & water pump and timing belt kit.

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