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Engine of the month


This generation of the 2.0i Ford engine has been confined to the history books, squeezed out by peppy Turbo’s and torquey diesels before them, yet it was fitted to two very important models. The Focus and the C-Max sold so well between 2004 – 2012, these generations of family favourites are still prevalent throughout Europe.

If you were wanting a bit of pulling power in petrol guise, then the 2.0i was the only option. On the plus side, it sounded a darn sight better than the diesels and putting out up to 140 HP, it was quick enough. That BHP of figure of 140 was a comparatively similar amount to the 2.0 TDCi but the petrol couldn’t match the punchiness or frugality of the oil burner. There were plenty of petrol variants sold, just with sales hampered by the rise of diesel.

We’ve seen increased sales on our engine components over the last couple of years as most of the power-plants have clocked high mileage. Here are some of our fastest movers with a full listing on

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