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Engine of the month

FORD / PSA 1.6 DV6

Some engines fit just one vehicle or a small number of models within a manufacturer’s line-up, but with the 1.6 DV6 unit, it was fitted in dozens of models across at least 10 manufacturers; but this was always the plan.

The powerplant was born of a family of engines pioneered by a collaboration between Ford and PSA, which at that time filled a void in the line-up, as a 1.6 TD seemed a much better choice over a 1.6i petrol lump. In many areas, the DV6 was the perfect choice for small to mid-sized cars and vans, with a good dose of torque and infrequent trips to the filling station. However, it was placed in some questionable applications, such as the Volvo S80, where if you tried overtaking a tractor, you actually had time for a chat with the farmer before pulling back in.

So, loads of applications, silly numbers built and fitted since 2004 and thousands of happy customers. Well, yeah… For the most part anyway.
“They do like to blow a turbo!” is something many of you reading this would have said as soon as you clocked our chosen EOTM – and you’d be right! There is extensive commentary online that stretches back years, outlining various causes for the failures but customers don’t want to hear that, they want to hear what needs doing and how much is it going to cost.

The good news for them, you and us, is that FAI has an extensive repair solution to get that DV6 sealed up, timed and lubricated for the next 100k (or until next Wednesday when the turbo goes pop again!)

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