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Engine of the month

M9R 2.0 dCi – Traffic, Primastar, Vivaro

As the saying goes ‘The show must go on’ and thanks to the brave few, it has.

While life for many of us has slowed in pace over recent months, many areas of business have had no let-up in the unprecedented demand placed on services & product deliveries.

Fuelled by a small army of fearless workers, essential services have stayed operational, keeping us safe and fed in difficult times – We’d just like to say a big ‘Hat’s Off’ to all that have made that possible!

Whether you needed a plumber at two in the morning or just a pack of fancy doughnuts to make the lockdown a little more bearable, vans have been utilised to help keep families in comfort across the nation; popular vans such as the Primastar, Traffic & Vivaro.

These three related vehicles share one key ingredient, the 2.0 dCi M9R engine. The torquey unit was favoured for its mid-range pull while its common rail design helped with fuel economy & emissions. It worked so well, in fact, it ran over the three models from 2006 to 2014.

Now, you can’t really thank a van in the same way as the workers who pilot them and nor should you (that would be weird!) – but we can make them ready for the next time they’re taking a patient to hospital or fixing a tyre at the roadside.

FAI stocks many finely engineered components for the M9R, delivered most likely in one of these three vans – slightly ironic, isn’t it?!.

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