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Engine of the month

Mercedes 3.0 CDi OM642

CHISINAU, MOLDOVA-APRIL 13, 2020: Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 350d 4matic (W222) 2017 Facelift

The year was 2005 and diesel was outstripping sales compared with large cylinder count petrol units – yet, technology was moving on and Mercedes needed a competitive 6 cylinder that pushed back at the likes of BMW & Audi.

Introducing, the OM642, Mercedes first V6 common rail diesel that aimed to win over people’s hearts & minds with a blend of high torque and lower running cost when viewed against a large petrol unit. Where the idea of a diesel was once a compromise, this new lightweight aluminium powerplant became the go-to choice for buyers of the German brands most luxurious vehicles. Fitted from anything from an E-Class to a 90k S-Class, the trend would last for over 13 years.

Customers were not disappointed by the performance as most were tuned anywhere between 230 – 265 HP and with 620 NM of torque on tap, it was well suited to the drive of high-end SUVs and Grand Coupes. All would do mid to high 30s on a decent run that given the petrol counterparts would barely break into the 20s, customers loved the subsequent low amount of trips to the filling station.

Good news for the Aftermarket as the combination of the expensive original investment made and the intended purpose of racking up high milage in leather-clad comfort, resulted in significant demand for quality repairs & maintenance. With the aforementioned 90k S-Class now available used for a fraction of the price new, the more money savvy used car owners enjoy the benefits of independent garages and Aftermarket components.

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