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Engine of the month

Mitsubishi 4D56 (16V)



The 4D56 belongs to the “Astron” family of engines that first featured in the 1980 Mitsubishi Galant. The long-used engine has gone through various modifications and upgrades and has found a massive following and support base in SUV & light commercial vehicle owners.

The 4D56 16 Valve is the last iteration of this engine sold in Europe. It features a common rail, 16 valve, twin-cam design which made it cleaner and more efficient compared to previous generations.

By producing an average 135 BHP the unit was almost solely used in the L200 as a tool-lugging workhorse. This combination of practicality and torque gained favour with buyers, making it an appealing package for any tradesman who wanted a functional & reliable option.

Those workhorses are a little tired out from trotting here & there over the years, with many needing some well-deserved TLC. They’re by no means off to the knackers yard yet, with many holding a decent resale value despite extremely high miles.

FAI has a raft of parts for the 4D56, many of which are applicable to all variants. Here are some for the 16V but, for the perfect fit, please visit our online catalogue

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