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Engine of the month

Renault 1.9 dCi F9Q

The Renault F9Q is part of the larger F series family of engines produced by Renault. The F Series is an internal combustion engine with 4 inline cylinders bored into the cast iron block. The engine is capped with an aluminium cylinder head and available in 8 and 16 valve versions.

The F9Q was Renaults first direct injection engine which debuted in 1997 in the Megane and Laguna. The F9Q was also used by Volvo in the S40 and V40. From 1999 the F9Q was re-engineered with common rail fuel injection, giving birth to the first dCi.

The F9Q developed by Renault has also been fitted in Nissan and Opel/Vauxhall vans through platform sharing between the 3 vehicle brands.

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