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Engine of the month


VAG’s 1.6 TDi has been placed in a variety of models throughout its various subsidiaries, which is no surprise given its winning blend of torque and outstanding economy.

As you’d expect with any VW engine there have been a plethora of engine codes assigned to differentiate small tweaks such as power tuneage, depending on the market demands.

The CLNA derivative is used widely throughout Europe but was only seen in the Skoda Rapid and Seat Ibiza in the UK, the latter of which makes up the majority of sales. In this form it produced a usable 105 BHP that made it very hard for buyers to ignore over the petrol offerings.

Hitting our streets almost ten years ago now, these power plants have racked up some serious miles, despite being isolated to the supermini segment.

FAI offer a large array of components, from valves and cams, to a replacement cylinder head. Some components fit several versions of the 1.6 TDi, crossing all platforms, whereas some have been specifically developed for the CLNA.

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