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Engine of the month

VW 2.0 TDi

The good old 2.0 TDi. VW Group’s answer to everything. Well, not so much these days but for 15 years when the Automotive world went diesel mad, the 2.0 made sense for almost all of the group’s applications.

Family: Golf
MPV: Touran
Executive Saloon: A4
Hot Hatch: GTD
Sports: TT

We feel that the Amarok was probably a better match than some of the above, especially with an
additional turbo strapped to it, hence the BiTDi badge. Plus, if you wanted an Amarok then you had a very limited engine choice; 2.0 TDi or 3.0 V6 TDi. Bizarrely, the 2 ltr was dropped in latter years of production.

As with all variants of the 2.0 TDi, some components were fitted to a multitude of derivatives while other specific to just one or two models.

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