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Engine of the month

VW Group 1.2i BXV / BZG / CGPA / CGPB / CGPA / CGPC

We all know the added benefits of producing a turbo’d engine and with the vast majority of VAG cars sold within the last five sporting a TSi badge, you’d think that’s where all the demand for parts would come from…or is it?

Up until 2015 the VW group still sold its 1.2i in a variety of cars, including the highly popular superminis such as the Polo, Ibiza and Fabia. In fact, before 2012, the year in which the EA211 family of engines was introduced, the naturally aspirated 1.2i dominated in the group’s small car segment.

We’d love to wow you with amazing facts and figures about the 1.2i but excitement was never its focus. Instead, it was a great powerplant for family runabouts, where low fuel, road tax and insurance were the first things buyers checked; not the 0-60 times!

Why engine of the month then?

Firstly, this engine was fitted for over a decade, selling over a 160k units in the UK alone. Secondly, it’s not just its popularity that generates demand for parts but the chain drive that, given the average age of the vehicles, will need attention.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Aftermarket as owners require a cost-effective repair solution to what can be a great expense. It’s for this reason that our TCK200 is one of our best-selling kits!

Speaking of best-selling, here are a selection of quick sellers to stock.

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