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Engine of the month

VW Group 1.8 TSi

The 1.8 16v TSI was built on the EA888 platform and launched in 2007. A smooth free-revving unit that would be fitted to a multitude of VW group vehicles. Updated in 2008 (gen 2) just a year after the launch of Gen 1 to fix the excessive oil consumption by replacing the pistons & rings.
Tuned to either 160 or 180 bhp, it was the petrol of choice for popular vehicles such as the Leon FR and higher spec’d Audi A3; with its big brother, the 2.0 TSi, employed for the GTI’s & VRS variants.
The third generation is still used in current models yet the 1.8 TSi has been squeezed by the higher-powered 1.4/1.5 TSi and with improvements on fuel consumption & emissions, the 1.8’s days are numbered.
Having said that, due to the vast amount of models that this TSi powerplant was utilised for means there is plenty of demand for a quality repair solution. Lucky then FAI stocks a variety of valve train, gaskets & timing components so satisfy your needs.

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