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FAI Launch New Data Resource

Technology and the way we utilise it has become an essential tool to help drive FAI in all areas of business, with data playing a key part.  We strive to create content to aid our customers on all platforms we subscribe to, which has a direct impact on how our customers interact with FAI.

Based on this ethos, we’re pleased to announce a new FAI webpage, separate from, that is linked to QR codes placed on FAI packaging.

The new label shown below will be placed on all FAI Timing Chain Kits, where a quick scan will lead you to our fantastic new data resource. Designed to give you and the fitter as much help & guidance as possible.

The site houses all relevant information, including technical fitment data, product images and correct oil grade data. Many documents are available in multiple languages which is an ongoing project with more being added daily.

What are the pros?

  1. Up to date information - Digital versions can be updated quickly!
  2. More information available than printed versions currently included in FAI kits.
  3. Free for all to use within the supply chain.
  4. Most documents available in Italian, German, French, Polish, Spanish & Portuguese
  5. A greener way to relay information - Saving 15 tonnes CO² emissions over 250,00 sheets of paper every year.
  6. Important information to help guide customers with Installation, providing owners with a long-lasting repair.
  7. FAI Guarantee details

Check it out for yourself by scanning the QR code or alternatively go to