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Nissan YD25DDTi latest generation TCK

The Nissan YD25DDTi has gone through various modifications with changes made to various engine parts in an effort to improve efficiency and comply with latest emission regulations. To ensure that our Timing Chain Kits are always up to date and specification we have introduced this latest version to the TCK42CRD family. The TCK42CRD-10 has seen several components re-engineered for the latest version, so be sure to order the correct kit for your engine


The new version crankshaft gear has been slightly offset and is significantly compressed.  
 The new lower chain tensioner has a larger oil flow recess and has been slightly enlarged.  
The new upper chain tensioner has seen a significant re-design with the oil feed being reduced to a small hole.  
The new injection pump gear has seen some significant changes making it deeper, increased offset, most likely to compensate for the crankshaft gear modification.  
Lower chain guide rail