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Oil Pumps

When replacing an Oil Pump, it’s vital you have a product you can rely on.

As its main function is to lubricate the engine, it’s arguably one of the most technically critical parts to the engine.

Our range of over 140 popular Oil Pumps, cover some of the most popular applications across European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

Complementing our extensive range of Engine Products, Oil Pumps have expanded through the years to our most recent additions of Vane Pumps.

We continually look for ways to improve our offering to you, which includes improvements on the design of our Chain Driven Sprockets, and the addition of our Oil Pump Chain Kits.


Our full range comprises of:

  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Crescent Pumps
  • Rotor Pumps

And Drive Types:

  • Crankshaft Driven
  • Chain Driven
  • Belt Driven
  • Intermediary Shaft Driven