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Oil Sump Pans

Oil sump pans are another product that adds to our already successful bottom engine repair modules like gaskets, main bearings, oil pumps, torsional vibration dampers and oil pump chain kits. Our sump pans are made to OE specifications because of the stresses of driving conditions like traffic calming measures, pot holes and road contaminants. All our sumps are leak and pressure tested to ensure long life and hassle free fitting, we offer both aluminum and steel versions which cover a wide range of popular applications.

Oil Sump pans hold the engine oil that is essential for the lubrication of all the internal engine parts. A sump pan needs to be maintained to prevent oil loss which can result in catastrophic engine failure.

The primary function of oil in the engine is exactly what you’d expect: It keeps things moving. No oil and you have the inevitable seized engine.

There are advantages to keeping the engine lubricated with oil. There’s less friction, which means the engine has to make less of an effort to keep chugging along. That in turn means it can skate along on less fuel and run at a lower temperature. And all of this means less wear and tear on the moving engine parts. Keeping clean oil in the system means your engine is happy.