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Steering and Suspension

FAI have over 20 years’ experience in supplying the aftermarket with Steering & Suspension components, in which time we have grown an initial offering of just a few hundred numbers to over 6000 today.

FAI specialise in all safety-critical components, with all ball joint and fixing designs going through stringent tensile testing to ensure a quality product. To guarantee a high quality, safe Steering & Suspension component, FAI follows 4 key safety processes.

Salt Spray Testing – Tested for corrosion resistance of the surface coating, simulating accelerated conditions from the real-world operating environment.
Strength & Load – In such safety-critical load-bearing components, strength is crucial. FAI components are subjected to numerous testing methods including Hardness Control, Material Load, Ball Pin Strength,        Rotational Torque Testing and Link Rod Pull & Vibration Testing.
Detailed Analysis – FAI undertake detailed analysis such as Metallographic Examination and Chemical Analysis of all rubber and metal components.
Lifetime & Fatigue – To maximise product lifespan, FAI wishbones are tested using a 3-Axis Bush Endurance Cycle to simulate increased wear and tear.

Red-Clip Link Rods

The red clip signifies a stronger construction of ball joint providing a reassuring repair solution throughout the supply chain. The FAI design is perfect for potholed UK roads as the ball pin pull-out force has been improved by 25 kgf over the original design, making for a long-lasting replacement.

High rotational torque puts stress on the casing internals of the ball joint; a process which is inevitable as the ball pin absorbs body roll during cornering. FAI’s patented design allows the ball joint to rotate more freely and as a result, increases efficiency by 44%. The impact of this improved design means our red-clip link rods instil confidence throughout the supply chain, and ultimately improves the longevity of the part.


As one of the best-established suppliers of Steering & Suspension parts, we work closely with fitters, our partnered factories and analyse data to identify the parts that warrant significant investment in re-designing. We currently have a little over 60 in range, but this number will continue to grow over the coming months and years as manufacturers persist in using the plastic cap style housing.

The 60 parts cover hundreds of models as manufacturers share platforms and the related componentry. Our customers can easily identify an FAI part which utilises this technology by the red securing clip visible at the bottom of the assembly.