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What do you get if you add a top quality FAI Water Pump to our already outstanding Timing Belt Kits? The Superkit!

When a motorist needs to have a new timing belt, the majority of the cost is in the labour, not the parts. It therefore makes sense to change the other critical component driven by the belt, the water pump, at the same time.

This is because once the engine has been stripped down to change the timing belt and other timing components, the majority of the final bill for the job will have been incurred. If the water pump is not changed at the same time and subsequently fails – which could be just a few miles down the road for an unlucky motorist – the cost will have to be incurred all over again to strip the engine driveline down to replace the pump.

Our Superkit range contains over 65 part numbers and many applications – with particular strength for Citroen /Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall, and the VAG vehicles – in one attractive box that contains everything needed to change a timing belt and water pump. It saves time, hassle and money for the motorist and gives our customers a bigger profit opportunity.

FAI is one of the biggest aftermarket suppliers in both Timing Belts and Water Pumps and real expertise has gone into the making of the Superkit programme, utilising our extensive knowledge and vehicle and application data-bases to make sure that the most popular parts will be covered.