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Water Pumps

At FAI we can offer a true ‘all makes’ premium quality water pump programme covering European, Japanese, and Korean passenger vehicles and commercial vans. Our programme now consists of over 500 references, covering 6000+ engine codes. 

We have coverage to meet our customers’ needs across Europe, including popular applications, generating large demand, whilst supporting more specialist applications that are still needed in the marketplace.

The original specification is strictly adhered to during the manufacturing process, ensuring a quality product every time. We follow OE design & materials when implementing components with plastic impellors, retaining the strength and endurance of the steel. The trend within modern applications for PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) is growing as it allows for complex impellor designs when compared to Aluminium; meaning the Water Pump can have an increased flow rate and prolonged life span.

Our partnered factories are ISO accredited, implementing stringent quality assurance processes to ensure the functionality and finish of FAI pumps are of the highest standard. The manufacturing process starts with raw material analysis within the pre-production stage, followed by the use of the latest generation CNC centres to ensure accuracy; finally, bench tested for flow and delivery. Processes that ensure the longevity of our parts, which is paramount to our success.