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Window Regulators

Electric windows have become standard on almost every make of vehicle nowadays. As with any electro-mechanical part these will wear and stop working for a number of reasons not necessarily linked to age or usage.

Our range of window regulators offers customers a solution for this growing market sector. With 70% of all replacements being the front window regulator, we have chosen to focus on these parts whilst developing our range. And as we have selected a modern range for newer vehicles, customers will not be stuck with stock that doesn’t sell.

With over 350 part numbers in our range, we offer window regulators both with and without motor, which come with a 12 month / 12,000 warranty. Each window regulator comes in a robust box, along with fitment instructions, and is competitively priced to ensure that you can compete in your market.


Window Regulator Types

Scissor System

This system has a motor operating a gear wheel that raises and lowers the window by the use of a scissor action of the rigid bars. It can give issues with locating in the door cavity compared to the Bowden system.

Bowden System

The cable is connected to both sides of the slider so when in operating the cable will be ‘pulled’, making a more efficient system. This is used mainly on 4 or 5 door vehicles or for rear windows where the glass is smaller.

Double Bowden System

A similar system to the single Bowden but two window sliders are used, this allows a larger window to be lifted/dropped evenly. This is found mainly on front doors and 3 door vehicles.

Panel Mounted Window Regulators

FAI offer a range of panel or pre mounted window regulators. The advantages of this design include

  • Reduced repair times, which reduces the labour .
  • Reduces risk of damage to the mechanism during installation

Avoid the pinch! Wherever possible, FAI Window Regulators are enabled to automatically sense any obstruction in the way of a window being closed. This feature, usually found on ‘Auto’ close windows, is particuarly important to prevent injury to children and animals and shows the attention to detail we have put into our range.

Just another example of why you can rely on our top quality Window Regulators!