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XT Range

We have developed the XT range initially for the Mercedes 203 C Class lower forward and rear arms, The Mercedes 204 C Class lower forward rear and the lower forward wishbones for the Mercedes 211 E Class, 219 CLS and 230 SL Class, however, this an ongoing project for FAI and other relevant applications will continue to be added.

Why is our XT range so tough, strong and durable?

Both the wishbone bush and ball joints of the control arm are the critical points that are susceptible to deformation with the additional stress when the suspension is managing the motion of the wheels on uneven roads. There are three main areas of improvement to achieve FAI’s XT range which are the characteristics of the wishbone bush, the bearing mechanism and the increased diameter of the ball pin.  All XT range ball joints are packed with a high performance grease specially designed for lifetime lubrication with high corrosion protection under extreme conditions and excellent water resistance.

  • Ball pin diameter has been increased from 25mm to 27mm, while the ball joint also has a stronger Delrin® plastic material housing reducing the pressure on the bearing.
  • Ball joint has a stronger Delrin® plastic material housing with a flat design base reducing the axial clearance and reducing pressure on the bearing.
  • Rubber in the wishbone bush has been reformulated and manufactured to cope with the extreme demands of tougher road conditions.

The XT range of control arms face tough and stringent endurance tests.  Testing consists of 2 steps; the 1st step is 500,000 cycles with 300kgf (kilogram force) and then a further 300,000 cycles at 300kgf. The tests measure the deformation of the axial clearance and rotational torque over long periods of tough driving conditions. Tests have shown a significant reduction of over 10% deformation increasing the strength, durability and longevity reducing the risk of failure considerably.

Extra Heavy Wishbone Bushes for VAG
With road surface deterioration, traffic calming and an increase in average annual mileage putting
more strain on the wishbone rear bush, FAI have re-engineered the VAG rear bush to be better. Our top performing SS2227XT and SS1331XT are the best solutions for tougher driving conditions.
How does it work?
The housing of the SS2227XT version is manufactured in steel whereas the SS2227 is
manufactured in plastic meeting OE specifications. Both the SS2227XT and SS1331XT versions use a greater density of rubber material providing greater resistance.
The Benefits?
The FAI version offers two key benefits, which are: Increased longevity & More precise handling
Our FAI enhanced XT range are available now, supplied in FAI’s XT branded packaging. This latest initiative demonstrates the forward thinking and continuous development of the FAI Steering and Suspension range following its policy to offer best availability, best value, best quality, best service.