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#TBT – Camshaft Kit Sales Leaflet – 1980

Throwback Thursday - In ye olde days camshaft kits were a bread and butter product for engine re-conditioners. The camshaft kit conveniently placed the camshaft, rockers and followers in a neat package which meant re-conditioners could easily order 1 box to effect a repair. Over time and as FAI expanded into different products camshaft kits slowly disappeared from our catalogue.

FAI has resurrected the camshaft kit in the form of CSK248C, CSK312 & CSK315. Our camshaft kits include: FAI camshaft, FAI followers, FAI camshaft cap bolts, SMY camshaft bearing set.

If the camshaft fails, it is highly likely the bearings will also have suffered damage or considerable wear in the process. This also applies to followers and vice versa, if a bearing or follower fail, it is likely to damage the camshaft. It goes without saying that if you order the kit there is a considerable cost saving over buying the loose items.

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