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#TBT – Ian Walker Lotus Elite 1958

Throwback Thursday – Ian Walker sitting on the grid in the brand new Lotus Elite EL5 at Silverstone in 1958. This was the first driveable Elite built and soon debuted in its first race after tireless efforts by the then small Lotus Crew headed up by the legendary Willie Griffiths.

On the way to its first race at Silverstone, Ian managed to avoid collision and safely stop the Lotus after its steering completely failed on the A5. With a little help on the roadside from Mike Costin (Production Engineer at Lotus) and a horseshoe nail hammered in to the steering column; the car was driveable again.

Ian went on to easily win the first race at Silverstone and even set the fastest Lap. The same feat was achieved the following day at Mallory Park with the makeshift fix to the steering column still holding up.

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