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Audi Q2 2016>

If an Audi A3 Sportback is too long & low for you and a Q3 too big, you could be accused of being fussy! But that’s not something Audi will accuse you of; they would just say “Here’s your perfect car…an Audi Q2!”

The trade press had mixed opinions about Audi’s mini-SUV as it filled yet another niche, therefore enabling comparisons to be drawn between it and a whole host of rivals; a couple of which seemed to come from the same manufacturer.

Is it a shrunken Q3 or a high-riding A3 or something cobbled together with parts they had lying around from other cars in the range?… Well, we think it’s all of the above! The overriding factor resides in a manufacturer who pioneered the way of making quality and more importantly, highly desirable SUV’s. With the vast array of engines within the VW group along with the Q2 being modelled on the MQB platform (no surprise there!) the goal of getting more aspirational buyers behind the wheel of an SUV is Child’s play.

For what still seems like a new model in the German brands’ line-up, the Q2 has now been around for five years, where numbers have been building steadily to over 50k on UK roads alone. The commonality between this and other models in the VW group is great news for our industry, allowing many components to be applied against hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Here are some of our best sellers with loads more displayed online at

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