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Vehicle of the month

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 was the baby-SUV of the group for several years prior to the arrival of the Q2. Fending off rivals such as the BMW X1 and Range Rover Evoque, the German brand had to justify the options list which pushed many better spec’d Q3’s towards the 40K mark; and justify it they did!

With the original X1 coming under some heavy criticism and the Evoque often pricier like-for-like, when compared to the Q3, the plus points of the Audi started winning new business within the segment.

The Q3 was, like so many Audi’s, an all rounder with little to complain about. If road presence, build quality and refinement were at the top of your shopping list then the Q3 ticked all your boxes. Firmly aimed at small family buyers, its easy to park proportions meant a trade-off in rear space; all-in-all not offering much more room than an A3 sportback.

The high price and slightly cramped interior didn’t deter buyers from investing in one of the most desirable compact SUV’s on the market, with tens of thousands sold in the UK alone. The 1.4 TSi got a look-in towards the end of the Q3s’ life but the main draw was the fantastic 2.0 TDi; punchy, fuel efficient and full of torque for those full loads.

It’s hard to believe the Q3 is almost 10 years old and therefore most have done substantial mileage. Check out some of our best sellers here!

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