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Vehicle of the month

Audi Q7 2006-2016

Modern SUV’s have appeared to shrink the original Audi Q7, blending in amongst its rivals at a posh supermarket but at its launch in 2006, the German firm’s debut full-sized SUV stuck out from the crowd – and the parking bay.

The formula hit an unsuspecting market of wealthy consumers that suddenly wanted a one-size-fits-all family car that sacrificed very little from a two-car family. The Q7 definitely made an impression on the road, and in the office carpark, dwarfing traditional executive saloon cars.

The plethora of model options was reflected in the variance of cost new as the base model differed by tens of thousands compared to the range-topper; neither disappointing its new owner. For the  Audi sales staff, the Q7 must have been an easy sell, like a lemonade stand in a desert (albeit to a niche market). Versatile, safe, spacious and good to drive, especially if you opted for the air-sprung suspension, Q7 figures continued to climb.

The Q7 held its value well as it passed through the used market, with owners keeping it for longer than average and many doing big mileage. FAI have a great selection of parts to keep those proud owners motoring for years to come!

Did you know??? In 2009 Audi released a 6.0 V12 TDi version with 500HP!

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