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Vehicle of the month

Citroen DS3 2010 – 2015

The words stylish and Citroen have rarely been used in the same sentence but around 2010 that all changed with the introduction of the letters DS; or should we say the re-introduction. Through the 50’s, 60s and into the 70s there were variations of the original Citroen DS which launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1955. During the show, the French brand took a record breaking 80,000 deposits; a record that stood for more than 60 years.


Roll on a few decades and Citroen once again invoked some of the same excitement in the form of the DS3, 4 & 5; with the DS3 pulling in by far the most sales. For buyers in the market for a small modern hatch, the DS3 fitted the bill nicely, being fun to drive, fun to look at and with low running costs – fun to own too. This quirky little French number stopped models like the MINI having all the fun!


Ignoring the fairly awkward access into the rear by being solely offered as a 3-door, once back there it beats the MINI hands down on space and comfort for rear passengers. This trend continues to luggage space, offering a 285-litre boot; more than double of some of its rivals.


The DS3 sold like ‘hot -cakes’ and so are these parts!

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