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Vehicle of the month

KIA Sportage 2015>

You have to admire what KIA has achieved in the UK since the Mid 2000s, where vehicles like the KIA Rio seemed to be cobbled together from cheap 1980s cars and even had the indicator on the wrong side of the steering wheel for right-hand drive versions.

This amazing progression from what was seen as cheap & cheerful runabouts to tech-laden SUVs such as the 2015> Sportage has squeezed the mid-range car sector. The likes of Ford, Opel & PSA suddenly had a new competitor that blew them out of the water for warranty cover.

The Sportage has a wide spectrum of trim levels but the higher versions not only look the part, but they also feature a whole host of creature comforts & safety equipment to rival those of SUVs at twice the price.

These points go a long way to explain why the Sportage became the South Korean brand’s best selling car in 2016.

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