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Vehicle of the month

Mercedes C-Class W204

If the top three German executive saloons were compared to sporting events, the A4 would perhaps be a game of rugby – strong and planted. The 3 Series a football match – precise, poised, and athletic. Whereas the C-Class resembling a golf tournament – relaxed, refined and conducted with graceful style. But was the C-Class purely style over substance?
On paper at least, the C-Class is a hard sell compared to the opposition but despite this, sold in high number none the less. Why? Well, having listened to their customers regarding the many grumbles they had about the outgoing model, Mercedes set about levelling the playing field with the W204. Gone was the aging looks & tech of the W203, replaced with something vastly more modern.
Build quality was massively improved which was well received, especially so with the introduction of the 2011 facelift. These improvements gave a robust feel that came together with supple suspension to provide a comfortable and refined motorway companion.
In terms of aesthetics this generation of C-Class was a hole-in-one, featuring a statement front end that brandished a huge three-pointed star, coupled with sharp lines that run to the rear, giving the car a well-proportioned look from any angle. The C-Class now appealed to a broader audience than ever before, namely a younger one, which produced an enormous amount of W204s’ on European roads.
We’ve a soft spot for the C-Class, can you tell? But this is by no means the reason for stocking so many parts for this sporty little number. Owners love them and keep them for years, generating a long-lasting demand for quality parts. Here’s the usual selection of fast movers with more online.

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