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Vehicle of the month

Mercedes C-class W205

The fourth generation C-Class was faced with stiff competition from other German brands along with the Jaguar XE, announced early 2014. The W205 also had the job of dispelling the myth that Mercedes was for the mature generation; trying to tease away those that traditionally opted for a 3 Series.

Standard Mercedes Saloons have never matched the competition in outright handling and driver involvement but instead cater for the 90% of the time. Comfort, plush interiors and beautiful styling embodied what the C-Class was all about. Who needs ‘fun’ when you’re cruising up and down the motorway!?

And for those who only used the back seats for their laptop bag, you could opt for the Coupe, which still looks that part compared to new models released this year. Or, if you’re the sort of person that only carries small flat items, the convertible was also an option.

With shared components between all but the AMG variants and over 200 thousand sold in the UK alone, stocking these references makes sense!

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