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Vehicle of the month

Mercedes EQC

Electric vehicles are on the rise but as with anything led by technology, the battle for being the superior ‘Green’ car, is being fought at the top of the tree. The big German brands all have there answer to the Tesla Model X, with Mercedes opting for its usual combination of comfort and understated style with the EQC.

Launched in 2019 with a starting price of 65k it was never going to fly off the shelves, but instead it’s a lesson in what to expect in less expensive cars as the electric drive train filters down to more ‘affordable cars’ in the future. In fact, the technology for charge points, adapters & battery packs is all geared to getting the magic 80% charge line as soon as possible. This is where the EQC outshines some alternatives by charging its large battery packs in just 30 minutes.

The EQC divides opinion with its looks, but most would agree it has an imposing silhouette in your rear view mirror. It’s not just large but heavy too, very heavy! That’s over 200kg heavier than a full-size Range Rover!! This simple fact alone, explains why we stock the Steering & Suspension for the EQC and you should too. Plus, many of the components are shared amongst other Mercedes vehicles, adding weight to their popularity.

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