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Vehicle of the month

Mercedes Vito / V-Class 2014>

Vans are all about versatility, whether it be laden with tools, acting as a minibus or full of parcels brandishing a smiley face – one interior design needs to satisfy all the functions it’s utilised for. Gone are the days where manufacturers could produce the most basic of interiors for vans as the customer expects more refinement and in the case of the Vito it achieves this extremely well, with a car like feel to it.

With an almost endless spec sheet for body styles, wheelbases and weight capacities the Vito in its various forms is seen throughout Europe. Some of the available technology isn’t obvious at first but we’re pretty sure the occupants will be thankful for them if the time comes. Two of these hidden gems to help keep the Vito securely on the road are the crosswind assist and an anti-rollover system – Impressive! This version could even be spec’d with a hitch camera for easy manoeuvring, although we think a van isn’t really worthy of the name without a few dents here and there.

Mercedes didn’t just work its magic on the inside to sell this Germanic mid-sized van in its thousands; they took to the handling too. The engineers at Mercedes really worked their magic to produce a safe, good quality, nice to drive car – No wait, we mean Van.

One thing you can’t engineer your way out of is the beating these things get, especially from the stop-start nature of the countless deliveries they make. Lucky we’ve got the parts to fix them up for their next days’ work.

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