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Vehicle of the month

Nissan Qashqai 2006 – 2013

Nissan’s first generation Qashqai didn’t win any major automotive accolades in its 7.5-year production. If it had, we think the award for the most mispronounced model name in history would be fitting.
The name Qashqai has even had Nissan poke fun at their own creation, but it’s not alone.
There have been a few names over the years that may have tripped people up, such as the Touareg or the slightly rude sounding R-Sport (that’s it, keep saying it).
Nissan did make the marketing side of things difficult for themselves by also describing it as a Compact Crossover SUV, which for those who don’t know is apparently a vehicle that looks like a car but intended for light off-roading. In the case of the Qashqai, we’d suggest this light off-roading be limited to activities such as parking with two wheels on the path or putting it on your lawn to wash it; a Discovery this is not!
This might all sound a bit negative, as if we don’t like the Q-ash-key, Q-wash-q-ee or as labelled by the then Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson; the Nissan Kumquat.
No, we really like it! With a charm all of its own, the Qashqai’s sales grew throughout the late 2000’s, reaching a meaty 1.24 million sold by the time it was replaced in 2013.
What was once quirky and different is now commonplace with all manner of pumped-up incarnations parked up outside the School gates,.. probably with two wheels on the pavement.
Despite Nissan having a reputation for reliability, the Qashqai’s are well used and a good amount of them tipping the 100k mark; and you know what that means? Parts, parts and more parts!
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