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Vehicle of the month

Nissan Qashqai 2013>

The second generation of the Qashqai featured everything consumers had valued about the first-gen and so much more. The main reason being that the game had moved on somewhat by the 2014 launch of the Mk2. Most manufacturers now offered a comparable vehicle to the Nissan, with the likes of KIA upping the quality to propel it to be one of its main rivals with the Sportage.

Nissan’s reputation for reliability help shift hundreds of thousands of units, with customers seeing the Qashqai as a dependable family car. Unfortunately, Nissan’s placement in customer surveys wallets took a knock as the list of common problems grew. Most weren’t serious, just more of an annoyance. One example of this was customers having to return their vehicle to the dealer due to errors in the VIN plate – Not heard that one before! The benefits of Kia’s 7-year warranty now became apparent to those that opted for the Nissan.

The Qashqai shouldn’t be judged in hindsight though, as for the vast majority of the time its low running costs, good levels of comfort, refinement, space and safety made for a great family cross-over, with most customers buying in for the long-haul. It was however prone to some more severe failures so consumers needed a compressive repair plan to keep the Qash-Qow ticking along nicely. FAI have great coverage to keep your customers happy!

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