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Vehicle of the month

Peugeot 208 2012-19

A smart little package that eclipses the 207, which it replaced, in almost every conceivable way.

The 208 fits into a segment that is one of the most saturated markets to compete in; lead by the usual suspects from Ford, Vauxhall & VW Group. Peugeot had to up their game a lot when producing the 208, leaving behind the very forgettable 207.

Styling is subjective but most would agree that the 208 is neatly styled; smaller on the outside than the car it replaced but impressively engineered to accommodate more on the inside. This was in part to produce a car that was a whopping 114kg lighter than the outgoing model.

The Fiesta may win on the handling front and the Polo in terms of fit & finish, yet the Peugeot had a trump card up its sleeve in the form of class-leading economy.

Forgetting the ridiculous claims made by manufacturers on economy, 96mpg – we don’t think so! Having said that, there are few cars around that produce a real-world figure of 70mpg, Impressive! So impressive in fact, it begs the question ‘why add a hybrid?’ – Which they didn’t.

This French supermini combined everything you could ask for in a City car; comfort, practicality and awarded a 5 star NCAP rating – Safety too. Europeans thought it was ‘très bien’ and the sales began to climb.

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