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Vehicle of the month

Peugeot 3008 2016>

Has Peugeot produced their best car ever?

We’re sure those of you that were die-hard fans of the 205 GTi would probably disagree but bear with us and we’ll explain.
The old 3008 certainly had its plus points however most of these were replicated by competitors’ versions and as a result, it hardly set the world on fire; practical and functional but never exciting.
Now designated as an SUV as opposed to an MPV, the new version has been styled to include a high and aggressive front end, sleek contours down the side and a tailpipe on each side to the rear; albeit just for aesthetics. As a combination, it has a far greater road presence over the outgoing model, looking more at home compared to much pricier SUVs. The French brands first attempt at a mid-sized SUV has been well received, making it not only a common sight on British roads but throughout Europe; bolstered by winning the 2017 European Car of the Year.
This neat styling also extends to the inside where you’re greeted with high-quality materials and all the tech you’d expect from any modern car. A perfect family car for both soaking up the speed bumps around town and equally at home cruising on the motorway, the 3008 has almost no downsides. Not many owners would describe the handling as fun but for most buyers, it offers what they need, especially when it’ll run you another 10k for something like an Alfa Stelvio.
Convinced?… Well, whatever your opinion, the masses seem to be, with the 3008 is looking to generate a good portion of sales within its segment. FAI carries an array of engine components for the most popular engines, but it’s Steering and Suspension where we’re seeing the most demand – get your components from FAI.
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