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Toyota Auris 2012>

Toyota-Auris: Prius’s in disguise
The E18 Auris sold for more than six years having gone on sale back in 2012. As with most Toyota hatchbacks, it never ‘cut the mustard’ with the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and PSA, who coined most sales across Europe in this segment. The Auris did have a trick up its sleeve though, in the form of the Prius drive train, accounting for the majority of sales.
This ability of the Auris to transform into the Toyotas’ bestselling Prius (albeit, only on the inside) was a lifesaver for what may have been a bigger flop than the fifth film. Although you could get petrol & diesel versions that were comparable to those sold by the mainstream, Toyota needed this trump card that no one else was offering; at least not in that price range.
Despite some questionable plastics, the kind you might find given away in a famous fast-food kids meal, the Auris was actually a good car – bettering the previous-gen in all areas. The Japanese brand is renowned for its reliability, especially the petrol hybrid set up, used in so many of its cars – Damn you Toyota and your brilliant engineers! But one area that they couldn’t engineer their way out of was the beating most European roads would give the suspension.
Lucky for you FAI makes parts much better than some make movie sequels. Here to save the day – FAI’s Steering & Suspension.

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