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Vehicle of the month

Toyota Prius 2008 – 2015

The taxi drivers’ favourite – yep, the Prius has sold in droves since its’ launch! (for a hybrid that is). Such is their popularity; they hold value like no other regular car, but why? Simply put, it’s diesel economy without the downsides of expensive fuelling systems and the possibility of being banned from a city centre for being a ‘dirty diesel’. Some 11-year-old examples of the Prius we found for sale have clocked in excess of 180,000 miles yet still hold 20% of their value from new.
For those that were more likely to be Taxiing around the kids, deciding to purchase a Prius was one of conscience and/or money-saving; with the added kudos for being some of the first to jump on the ‘green’ wagon. Claimed fuel economy figures of 94 mpg pricked the ears of most savvy family buyers, coupled with free road tax, it was an easy choice. Adding together all the facts & figures along with its practicality it was a winner for sensible family buyers; throw in a plug-in version in 2012 and there was no stopping the Japanese green machine.
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