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Vehicle of the month

VW Transporter 2015>

VW offers its best-selling commercial vehicle in a vast array of body styles, spec levels and power trains, whatever your needs, they have you covered. Yet, customers have split into two distinct groups, those looking for a good quality – slow depreciating panel van and those at the other end of the spectrum, who are willing to pay serious money for a luxurious leisure vehicle with a car-like feel.

Luxurious!… Really?

Years before the introduction of the MK VI Transporter, the clever bods at VW realised a market for cool-commercials, designed to cater for pursuits like surfing, camping and for the parents of a large family who love practicality but don’t want to masquerade as a builder.

VW has now pushed the boundaries further with the introduction of the 6.1 Sportline which features a car-like dash, DSG auto box, 204 PS BITDI and a body kit. You can even choose a black pack (yeah, like an M3…but not!) which gives you unique black alloys, bumper inserts and matte black handles.
The transit may be at the top of the mid-sized van food chain but the Transporter is snapping at its heels.

The German brand offers a model that has broken into a market some never thought existed and by doing so have boosted sales. Ford have similar ideas with the Transit Custom but all the ad-on bits look, well, just that – added on. Whereas the high-spec Transporter just wears them so much better. The VW shouts, here is a person that thought about various solutions and picked the best, albeit expensive option. The Transit says, I used to be a boy racer but now have loads of kids.

Who’d have thought it, a modern era van that receives envious looks!

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